Arch Systems is seeking a (Senior) Software Engineer to join our rapidly scaling team


Started by Stanford Engineering PhDs and grown out of non-profit work in Africa, Arch is a venture-backed company working with top Fortune 500 customers to retrofit industrial machines with cutting-edge IoT to drive efficiency, transparency, and next generation intelligence.

We work in partnership with the manufacturing industry with a focus in surface mount technology. We also support a variety of ongoing developing world projects.

We are looking for talented and driven people wanting to transform manufacturing operations and to make the Earth more efficient, connected, and sustainable. Come join our diverse and passionate team.


Compensation will be determined for a (Senior) Software Engineer (depending on hire’s experience) at a Series A stage technology startup based on experience and location. We benchmark our compensation against high cost of living/market rates and use a compensation formula that includes a location factor to determine total target compensation as it compares to a high cost of living/market area. At Arch, total target compensation is comprised of base salary, a completion bonus, and a performance bonus.

Employees in the US can expect generous benefits for themselves and their dependents as well as equity in the company.

Applicants outside the US will be considered to become employees of one of our trusted partners and will receive benefits through them as well as NQSOs from Arch Systems


Since before COVID-19, Arch has operated as a remote-equal team and while we welcome candidates from anywhere in the world to apply, we do have a preference for candidates located in The Americas (PST +/- 3) to maximize collaboration time. While the majority of our team is based in the San Francisco Bay Area near our Palo Alto HQ, we have team members in over 5 countries across various time zones. US applicants must be authorized to work in the US. We are unable to sponsor a Visa at this time.


Do you enjoy investigating mysterious signals from a system to figure out where the signal is? Does learning intimate details about an API that allows us to unlock valuable data for our users sound exciting? Is your desire to work on scalable streaming platforms that process millions of data messages per hour (and eventually per minute)? Then this might be the role for you!

As a software engineer working on the ArchFX Broker development team, you will become our expert on how we extract and process data from factory machines. This may involve scouring manufacturer documentation to understand their API, black-box probing for communication channels, and even reverse engineering binary signal patterns to decipher a valuable signal.

To implement solutions for these, you will work mostly in Python and sometimes C# to develop solutions that can send data to the ArchFX Broker. From there, you will author processing units that handle new raw input and generate data streams that power our cloud applications.

In this role your general responsibilities will be:

  • Creating software to enable rich data extraction from manufacturing machines
  • Implementing Python data processors that translate raw machine data into usable signals
  • Improving the ArchFX Broker processing platform by fixing bugs and enhancing existing features

To be successful in this role, we think that you need:

  • Professional experience developing and releasing Python applications
  • Professional experience with C# or C++ development
  • Strong understanding of industry standard software algorithms, data structures, and software development process
  • Experience in understanding API documentation for complex systems and implementing software to communicate with that API
  • Experience debugging/reverse-engineering data structures or physical systems that connect to software
  • An ability and desire to understand low-level code (e.g. firmware), and a desire to intimately understand how factory machines work
  • Experience working with a geographical distributed team

Other skills that may help you in this role, but are not required:

  • Experience with streaming platforms (rabbitMQ, kafka)
  • Passion for manufacturing and for building more connected, intelligent, and sustainable industry


  • We have an ambitious and clear vision of how you can be a part of transforming the manufacturing supply chain and building next generation IoT technology.
  • Our experienced team has the relevant domain expertise and network to make sure we're focused on the most important industry problems facing our customers.
  • Your work will be solving cutting edge problems with Fortune 500 customers and nonprofit developing world partners alike.
  • We provide a Learning & Development budget to support your professional growth.
  • You are trusted in your ability to do your best work when and where you want and to communicate this with your team.
  • Time off is flexible - take the time you need, including an end-of-year break. We track PTO only to be able to check-in with Arch-itects if they aren’t using the time available to them and work with you to figure out getting the breaks you need.
  • You will be able to to challenge yourself, be nurtured, and grow in a highly dynamic environment, with
  • Leadership who welcomes and encourages autonomy, ownership, and transparency; allowing you to make, learn from, and teach others in your “failures” as much as your successes.
  • We value a culture of diversity of thought and background with many languages and nationalities on the team.

Resumes must be submitted in English

We encourage interested and enthusiastic applicants to apply and not allow imposter syndrome to self-select out of an opportunity. We believe in hiring people as their full and authentic selves, allowing them to utilize their strengths and then helping them to learn, grow, and add to those strengths